No 126: October 2018

No 126: October 2018

Table of Contents

EATCS Matters

Letter from the President PDF
Paul Spirakis
Letter from the Editor PDF
Kazuo Iwama
The EATCS Award 2019 - Call for Nominations PDF
Christos Papadimitriou
The Presburger Award for Young Scientists 2019 - Call for Nominations PDF
Jukka Suomela
EATCS Distinguished Dissertation Award 2018 - Call for Nominations PDF
David Peleg
EATCS Fellows 2019 - Call for Nominations PDF
Josep Diaz
ICALP 2019 – First Call for Papers PDF
Efstratios Gallopoulos, John Garofalakis, Christos Kaklamanis, Sotiris Nikoletseas, Christos Zaroliagis
MFCS 2019 - First Call for Papers PDF
Peter Rossmanith

EATCS Columns

Recent Results in Population Protocols for Exact Majority and Leader Election PDF
Robert Elsässer, Tomasz Radzik, The Distributed Computing Column by Stefan Schmid
Interdisciplinary Education in Mathematics and Informatics at Swiss High Schools PDF
Urs Hauser, Dennis Komm, The Education Column by Juraj Hromkovic
An invitation to quantum computing PDF
Andreas Blass, Yuri Gurevich, The Logic in Computer Science Column by Yuri Gurevich

News and Conference Reports

Report on ICALP 2018 PDF
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis
Report on BCTCS 2018 PDF
Matthew Hague
Report on DCFS 2018 PDF
Andreas Malcher
Report on HALG 2018 PDF
Artur Czumaj, Robert Krauthgamer
Report on ICE-TCS Theory Day 2018 PDF
Luca Aceto
Report on IWRS 2018 PDF
Paolo Bottoni, Dirk Janssens
Report on SEA 2018 PDF
Gianlorenzo D’Angelo, Mattia D’Emidio
The Salomaa Prize 2018 was given to Dr. Jean-Éric Pin PDF
Juhani Karhumäki, Dominique Perrin, Mikhail Volkov