Bebras: Inspiring Informatics Education Across the Globe

Valentina Dagiene, The Education Column by Juraj Hromkovic and Dennis Komm


The Bebras challenge is an international initiative that aims to promote informatics and computational thinking concepts to students in schools. It is designed as a contest where participants solve a set of tasks that require problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and algorithmic thinking. The challenge is open to students of various age groups, typically ranging from primary school to high school. It provides an opportunity for students to engage with informatics concepts in a fun and interactive way. The tasks are carefully designed to be intellectually stimulating and encourage students to think critically and creatively. The Bebras challenge focuses on concept- based tasks that cover a wide range of informatics topics. These tasks may involve understanding and analyzing information, algorithmic thinking and problem-solving, using computer systems effectively, recognizing patterns and structures, considering social and ethical issues related to technology, and solving puzzles.

The challenge is organized annually in countries all over world, and partic- ipating students solve tasks at different levels. The tasks are carefully crafted by teams of educators, researchers, and professionals to ensure their rele- vance, educational value, and suitability for the target age groups. The tasks are usually based on real-life scenarios or practical situations that require computational thinking skills to solve. Participating in the Bebras challenge offers students an opportunity to develop their computational thinking abil- ities, improve their problem-solving skills, and gain exposure to various aspects of informatics. It also encourages collaboration, critical thinking, and a deeper understanding of how technology impacts our daily lives. Thus, the Bebras challenge serves as a platform to engage students in computational thinking and foster their interest in informatics, laying the foundation for future studies and careers in computer science and related fields.

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