Redbelly Blockchain: a Combination of Recent Advances

Redbelly Network, The Distributed Computing Column by Seth Gilbert


Redbelly Blockchain builds upon recent scientific advances in the context of distributed com- puting, game theory and formal verification to apply blockchains to the real world. In this paper, we present how Redbelly Blockchain combines these results to remedy vulnerabilities that affect modern blockchains. In particular, Redbelly Blockchain offers accountability by generating a Proof-of-Fraud, an undeniable proof of misbehavior, automatically. The architecture of Red- belly Blockchain is decoupled into a consensus component and a language virtual machine com- ponent, called SEVM, to achieve resilience optimality against failures and attacks. For greater security, its consensus component does not assume pure synchrony, is formally verified with model checking and solves the consensus problem deterministically. To run a large ecosystem of dApps efficiently, the SEVM supports Solidity bytecode without the unnecessary redundant validations of traditional designs. Redbelly Blockchain is dynamic as it features a built-in re- configuration smart contract triggered by a representative governance. Finally, it is designed for mobile devices to interact securely without downloading the blockchain.

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